Why Being Creative Allows You To Be More Social

Several months ago I wrote a post called Why Being Social Allows You To Be More Creative. Today I’d like to look at the alternative side of the equation. Why Being Creative Allows You To Be More Social.

Ecosystem Of Positive Emotions

In every social interaction people are constantly pinging off of each other for social feedback. Everyone wants to see where they stand in the social hierarchy of that environment. If a person lacks a strong sense of reality, and for the most part reacts to others, he’s seen as being low value.

Alternatively, if someone has a strong sense of reality and is completely focused on the process rather than the end result, as well as being independent from the outcome of his social interactions he’s seen as high value.

The biggest reasons most people are reactive in social situations is because they lack an ecosystem of positive emotions, and therefore they need validation.

Fortunately a creative outlet outside of your social interactions can help you solidify your ecosystem of positive emotions. You may need to spend some time finding a creative outlet you enjoy, but writing, drawing, or playing an instrument are among the most enjoyable things you’ll ever do.

Additionally, walking the path of mastery in a creative pursuit teaches you a lot about yourself. Making the time to practice your craft everyday develops your self-discipline, increases your confidence, and all around helps you find out who you are, thus massively decreasing your need for social validation.

The Practice Of Self-Expression

Another core element of socializing is your ability to express yourself. This is why the stereotype of girls loving rappers, and guitarists exists.

Your skill in expressing yourself is a big key to the level of social success you’ll experience. Charisma is the opposite of monotone tonality, and disinterest in life.

Practicing a creative pursuit allows you to be more social because doing so helps you get more in touch with yourself, and your ability to express who you are.

The Providing Of Value

The final reason being creative allows you to be more social is that it allows you to bring more value to your interactions. If you’re an expert artist, and you’re in a room full of crafty people BOOM! Instant connection.

However, even if you’re with people who don’t appreciate your specific talent they’ll still be able to appreciate the passion you’ve cultivated. I’ve got a friend that’s an artist, and although I’m not able to give her art the appreciation it deserves, I’m still fascinated by her simply because she loves what she does so much.

The appreciation of a specific craft may only appeal to a certain audience, but passion is universal. Walk the path of mastery through your creative pursuit, and there’s no doubt you’ll be a more social person.

Closing Thoughts/Disclaimer

Keep in mind that although being creative may allow you to be more social to some degree, it’ll pale in comparison to going out and actually learning to relate with other human beings. The most important factor in determining your level of social success is the frequency you socialize, and how far you’re willing to leave your comfort zone in the times you do socialize.

Of course this isn’t an either or scenario. The best way to improve your social skills is to gain social reference experiences, AND walk the path of mastery in a creative pursuit. If you do that you’re gold 🙂

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