Complaining is one of the worst habits you could possibly have.  Even the most positive people complain on occasion, but most people complain waaay too much.

I’m not going to complain about complainers because that would only contribute to the negativity, but realize all complaining does is contribute to feelings of discontent and helplessness.

Complaining about how you’re fat, lonely, and depressed does nothing to solve the problem, if anything it makes it worse.

By complaining you’re giving your power away.  By complaining you’re telling the universe that you’re not ready to take responsibility for your life.

Another negative effect of complaining is that you’ll attract more negativity into your life, potentially spiraling yourself into a whole negative cycle.

Consistent complaining is one of the main reason depressed people find it so difficult to find any happiness in life.

They’ve spent so much time complaining that they’ve manifested a reality that matches their negative thoughts, and because they’ve conditioned themselves to think so negatively, they can’t even appreciate any remaining remnants of positivity left in their lives.

For the most part people complain because they’re afraid to take responsibility for their lives, but once they begin to hold themselves accountable they’ll be a lot happier.

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