Fuel To The Fire

“A setback is a setup for a comeback”  -Eric Thomas I’ve failed.  The little voice in my head is laughing and telling me I couldn’t do it.  My back’s against […]

Input Equals Output

I had just finished juggling practice and was eating lunch at my grandma’s house. Amy’s Kitchens Organic Bean Burritos. Yum. My taste buds were in a heavenly state. I had […]

Doubling Down

I was lifting weights, and before I had even finished my warmup, I quit. I wasn’t in pain and there was no logical reason for me to stop, but I […]

5 Feeble Excuses

Excuses are lies we tell ourselves to justify why can’t do something.  We all make them at times, but as long as we continue to feed them, we block ourselves […]

The First Hour

It’s almost 10:00 (a.m.) and I’ve yet to accomplish anything besides getting out of bed.  I feel lazy, uninspired, and unmotivated.  I’ve spent the whole day tweeting, emailing, and watching […]

Providing Value

In my previous post College is Unnecessary I briefly touched on the topic of value, but I feel that going a bit more in depth on this topic may be […]

College is Unnecessary

At school today I was talking with some classmates about our plans for our future careers.  Almost all of them planned to go to a four year college and eventually […]

Loving Work

When I was younger, I hated work.  It didn’t matter what kind of work it was, I always found a way to avoid doing anything that required a significant amount […]

Escaping From Reality

As a child, I remember always looking forward to the cartoon marathons on Saturday mornings.   No matter how bad my week had been, I knew that when Saturday morning […]

Adjusting Your Runs

The key to offensive success in soccer is off-ball movement.  Making offensive runs off the ball is what opens up space to exploit the defense.  No team will ever be […]