A Successful Castle Is Built Brick By Brick

Six pack abs in six minutes, the 100% fool-proof method to attracting the woman of your dreams, the magic manifesto to building a six-figure passive income stream in just 5 hours a week. They’re all enticing claims to say the least, but I think on an intellectual level we all understand these types of ventures rarely live up to their hype. Why do people still fall for them though? It’s in our biology.

A nearly, if not completely universal trait among living things is the conservation of energy. Humans are no exceptions. We’ve evolved to produce the results necessary for our survival, but tend to conserve all energy beyond that. In the past this was a good thing as food wasn’t abundant, and minimizing our energy output allowed us to survive on less.

Though beneficial in the cavemen era, this characteristic has disasterous consequences in the modern world. In today’s world there’s very little we have to do to survive, and as a result the majority of people have turned into stupid, lazy, fat bitches.

It’s a pretty fucked up element of human nature, but we don’t do more than we have to do, so if you don’t craft an environment for yourself that puts evolutionary pressure on yourself to take action you’re probably going to turn into a stupid, lazy, fat bitch as well.

Ironically enough, however, one of the biggest reasons people put evolutionary pressure on themselves to work hard is so that they can retire, get fat, and spend the rest of their lives on auto pilot.

See, the reason people are obsessed with the overnight success is because they want to get the hard part over with as soon as possible so they can simply coast the rest of their lives.

On one hand this is a bit fucked up as the satisfaction, and peak experiences one attains from working hard should far outweigh the effort one has to exert. You’re entitled to your own opinion, and feel free to disagree, but I truly believe nothing compares to the the tremendous fulfillment one experiences when they have the opportunity to marvel at an amazing piece of work they’ve produced.

On the other hand this get rich quick mentality is also counter productive. It ignores the fact that the reason most successful people have attained their levels of success stems from the character their hard work has produced.

Everytime one has the discipline to write a blog post when they could be surfing the internet, everytime one has the discipline to go to the gym when they want to watch TV, everytime one has the discipline to approach the girl that scares them more than anything. Everytime one has the strength to stretch themselves, and go further than they’ve ever gone before, they change for the better, and this is what the process of success is all about.

Continually reinventing yourself, and seeing just how far you can go and what you’re capable of becoming. There’s not a finish line, but never did a more fulfilling race exist. This is what success is about.

Stop looking for quick fixes and instead focus on the long-term sustainable routes proven to work. Find 2-3 remedial tasks you can do everyday that’ll advance you toward your goals everyday, and do whatever it takes to make sure they always get done.

Stop looking for the magical miracle, or secret method that’s going to change your life. A winning lottery ticket to success doesn’t exist.

It’s all about the small actions you take every single day. Focus on the little things, and brick by brick you’ll build a successful castle well worth marveling at.

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