August 2017

You’re Wasting the Greatest Tool You Have

Imagine you were alive 100-300 years ago. You were one of America’s founding fathers, or one of the influential people of the past. You were Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Edison, […]

How to Solve ANY Problem

Solving your problems is any incredibly simple, albeit difficult process. While there’s some people who have the gift of instantly identifying brilliant solutions to problems, the reality is that most […]

Why You Should Never Seek Someone’s Approval

Whether it’s giving a speech, performing on stage, or even just socializing with friends, people are always seeking approval.  They want to feel accepted and feel as if they’re a […]

Why Hating Your 9-5 Is An Advantage

In May 2017 I lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand with my girlfriend for a month. I have to say, that this past May was one of the best months of […]

Self-Discipline Equals Self-Respect

An interesting connection I’ve seen the past few years traveling the world, is that those with the most self-discipline tend to have the most self-respect. This isn’t accurate 100% of […]

Climbing the Right Ladder

Imagine four ladders propped up against four respective skyscrapers. Each skyscraper has a surprise waiting for you on the roof. For the purpose of this metaphor, let’s ignore the absurdity […]