June 2017

5 Tips for Your First 100 Followers on Twitter

While it’s been a few years since Twitter was the trendiest social network, Twitter is still a powerful social media platform. Twitter’s growth has all but stagnated. Yet with 300,000,000+ […]

Is Twitter Still Relevant in 2017?

Twitter is one of the oldest social networking sites still popular today. Having been around for over 10 years this microblogging platform has changed a lot over the last decade. […]

4 Reasons Kuala Lumpur is Good For Border Runs

I’ve already done a post on whether KL is a good destination for digital nomads. The short answer — KL isn’t super exciting, but it’s an inexpensive city and a […]

Hilarious Nightmare Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hey guys, today’s videos is one of my favorites I’ve ever recorded. The video doesn’t dive deep into incredible mental frameworks. It doesn’t offer any crazy facts you’d never heard […]

Weekend Food and Fun in KL

Hey guys, here’s a video I recorded last month in Kuala Lumpur. It mainly focused on some of the foods you’ll find in Malaysia, but you’ll see some shots from a […]

5 Reasons to Live in Saigon

#1 Cost of Living Western style accommodation in Saigon only costs $250-$350 for a small room. $1000/month will easily get you 2 bedrooms in many of the most luxurious high-rise […]